Artist Statement:

Primarily, I use intuition to guide my work. As I change, my visual interests change. Staying closely connected with that is what keeps the work fresh.

It is this approach that guides my most recent work with textile-based sculptures and paintings. The sculptures are made by sewing disparate pieces of fabric together, dipping fabric into ink baths, “drawing” with the sewing machine, and stuffing sewn compartments with batting. The paintings are made using a variety of materials — mostly wax, resin, oil and ink. I use the color black prominently to highlight the beauty and simplicity of the mark, itself.

My work serves as a record of my explorations of surfaces and materials. My process is recorded as much in the layers you see as in those which are hidden. Essentially, I work the materials until something new and innovative happens, and until I feel an energy generated from what I have done.

I decide when a work is finished when I arrive at the closest tangible representation possible of my inner world.

– Taleen Batalian