Artist Statement:

I discovered encaustic painting in the early 2000’s, attracted to the art form’s depth and intense, visceral qualities. I sought to learn everything I could about this amazingly versatile medium and, for more than a decade following, I worked in encaustic almost exclusively.

In early 2012, I witnessed my mother’s illness, rapid diminishment and subsequent death. During this time, I lost touch with myself and, as a result, with my interest in making art. It took me nearly two years to make my way back to a consistent studio practice and, through that process, I noticed that a significant shift had occurred within me and within my art making.

I began using my intuition more closely than ever before to guide my true visual interests in the present moment. Some aspects carried over from earlier work… like my interest in the color black. I have always used black prominently in my work to highlight the beauty and simplicity of the mark itself.

All my works serve as records of my exploration of surfaces and materials. My process is recorded in the layers you see, as well as in those which are hidden. They reflect my essential process: make something; stand back to look at it; edit, maybe change it; then, build until something new and innovative happens, and I feel an energy generated from what I have done.

I decide when a work is finished when I arrive at the closest tangible representation possible of my inner world.

– Taleen Batalian